AI: Driving the success of Digital Transformation

November 2024
Exhibition World Bahrain




AI: Driving The Success of Digital Transformation​

Digital transformation is one of the hottest topics in the business world today. And as more and more companies look to adopt new technologies, AI is increasingly being seen as a key player in this process.

AI is fundamentally changing digital transformation. Through the use of AI-powered technologies, brands can create new opportunities for growth, efficiency and customer experience. From personalized experiences and intelligent automation to advanced analytics and predictive capabilities, AI is reshaping (and disrupting) industries across the board. By embracing AI’s potential, businesses can improve the digital transformation process, stay competitive and provide their customers with exceptional products, services, and experiences. AI technology has already been playing an integral role in digital transformation projects across industries. It's changing the way we work, helping companies boost productivity by improving automation and streamlining manual tasks for better results. It allows businesses to unlock new insights from data that enables them to improve decision-making and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the first countries worldwide to pilot new Artificial Intelligence (AI) procurement guidelines across Government entities, which were produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to streamline and transform service delivery for governments.

MEET ICT and BITEX aims to supporting Bahrain's 2030 vision through implementation of specific AI applications and technologies and making Bahrain as the regional center for Artificial Intelligence Research & Development. Take advantage of the 3-day opportunity at MEET ICT and BITEX as we explore ways to strategically incorporate AI solutions into operations and recognize the potential to transform your business processes and operations. Harness the power of AI and position your business for long term success going into the future.


MEET ICT is the annual Information and Communications Technology event that produces conference sessions and workshops that takes place in Bahrain.

One of the longest-running conferences in the Kingdom of Bahrain, MEET ICT Conference marks 10 years of providing extensive and informative session from distinguished speakers sharing insights on the latest and hottest topics in technology.

MEET ICT handles various activities in a platform that will amplify the experience of participants and empower them to exchange their knowledge and expertise to further contribute to the digital economy.

Join us in the 2024 Edition and be part of the history!

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The conference brings together experts, academics as well as industrial practitioners to share their most recent research, practical solutions, and experiences to discuss the issues, trends, opportunities and challenges in the field of Information and Communications Technology. See what’s coming next at the MEET ICT and BITEX event.


Keynote Speaker

"We are working on building the right local digital talents through interventions in education & training at all levels, university and vocational - in order to ensure that all aspects of society are ready to engage with the digital future."

Mohammed Alsuhaim